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Police & Compound Collections

Police & Compound Collections

Firstline Police and Compound Collections

Following a serious road traffic accident it is sometimes necessary for emergency services to move your vehicle to a compound for the safety of other road users. FirstLine Recovery are available to collect your damaged vehicle, whatever the condition, and bring it safely home or take it for repairs.

Police and local authorities also seize and impound vehicles that have been driven without a valid MOT, driving license or current insurance or if the vehicle was parked illegally, causing an obstruction or may have been involved in a crime, including cases of stolen cars being found. Since there is no legal definition of an abandoned vehicle, your car may also be impounded if it has been reported as abandoned. Whatever the cause, when the vehicle is available for release contact us to arrange for collection and we’ll have your vehicle returned to you.

Our experienced office staff will guide you through the recovery process, explaining exactly what we need from you. We’ll make the collection as easy as possible for you by completing paperwork on your behalf where possible and talking you through requirements if a document needs input from you.

Firstline Police and Compound Collections

We’ll gather proof of ownership from you and work with the authorities to release and return your impounded car with minimum hassle. With a varied fleet of recovery vehicles, we can transport all types of vehicles, from low clearance, high value cars, to badly damaged non-runners and light to medium weight commercial vehicles. Our robust insurance protects your vehicle until it can be delivered safely to your door.

FirstLine Recovery police and compound collection services are quick, discrete and hassle-free. We’re available all day, every day for police and compound collections throughout London, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and Kent.

What to do if your vehicle is impounded:

  • Act quickly. It usually costs less to release a vehicle that has been impounded for less than 24 hours. In cases where your vehicle was seized due to a RTA or crime, storage charges start from when the vehicle is available for release and are usually charged daily.
  • If you’re not sure where your car has been taken call 101 to contact your local police station. They’ll explain where your vehicle has been taken and the conditions for release.
  • Call FirstLine Recovery to arrange for worry-free collection and safe return of your vehicle.

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